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My Love for Silver Tips

I first fell in love with Silver Tips three years ago when it was sent to me by my tea-growing supplier. Opening up a parcel of small silver tea leaves, I was captivated by this extraordinary leaf - it was love a first sight!

Beautiful silver-coloured tips with delicate unfurled leaves and fine hairs appeared majestic in the sunlight. My love increased tenfold when I was able to visit the estate where it was grown in Sri Lanka; seeing in person the gorgeous reddish plant flourishing in its own unique space within the larger plantation.

Even more appealing again was the splendid champagne-coloured liquid it created when brewed. Its mild, sweet, fresh taste is a result of the leaf being plucked by hand whilst still unopened. The plant itself is a hybrid "Camellia Sinensis" and claims to carry antioxidants helpful with many diseases.

I have found it to be a wonderful drink in place of alcoholic beverages, and it takes on a luxurious note when served in champagne glasses for events or special occasions.

It is also a very calming drink perfect to sip and relax with before sleep.


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