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What motivated me to start my own business when I was trained to do an 8.00-5.00 job

I was born to a parents who were teachers. Their whole life they groomed us to go to university and become professionals. What did professionals mean to them? Earn a fixed salary, associate like minded thinkers who were not 'profit driven'. It is very interesting when I really think about this now. In their mind I don't think they thought that we were employed by people who had taken enormous risks to start those profit earning organisations because they loved creating a product or service to serve a community.

I obliged

their wish and completed university education and worked for multinational organisations that had leaders who had great visions. Saw their drive and how they provided employment for many safe 'professionals'. After working in various industries in many countries in various capacities I was ready to take the leap to becoming an entrepreneur when I realised that what my parents sought for educated professionals was becoming a myth when I had to take a second redundancy due to restructures. I had to find my own destiny.

More of this story will continue.....


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