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Twelve Months of Tea

Back in 2020, through the love of tea and connecting with others, Claire Roe and I came up with an idea for a box that would create an occasion to allow others to do the same.

To slow down every month and really connect by simply taking the time to brew a pot of tea and share it with a friend. Introducing our Twelve Months of Mindful Moments tea box!

How does it work? When you purchase one of our boxes you immediately open up opportunities to invite calm and connection into your life. Whether it is with yourself or a friend, the act of brewing a pot of tea gives you at least 10minutes for the mindfulness to begin. As the water is brought to a boil, before being poured gently over the tea leaves the calm has a chance to enter. Pure leaf tea must brew for a minimum of 4-5 minutes to allow the leaf to unfurl and release it's stored up flavours - a bit like our conversations.

In Sri Lanka, tea is not served in individual cups; rather it is poured from a pot that holds enough tea to share with more than one person. This gives rise to the thought that both our hands and hearts are here to serve and share with others.

I have worked in various roles and capacities throughout the communities I have lived in and found all of them are looking for that conversation. Someone to sit down and share their thoughts with, their dreams, their hopes; the good times and bad...and sometimes even paying someone to be able to do so. Just to break the solitude...

Our tea box is a small step in this journey to true connection. But for all who purchase this box, it is another step in the right direction. Those who took that step already told us they thoroughly enjoyed the reminder to stop and think, moment by moment, each month of the year by simply popping the kettle on to brew a pot of tea. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more about this special box, and until then may your hands and hearts be warmed together with a special pot of tea! Dona Twelve Months of Mindful Moments


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