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Sri Lankan New Year

"A simple cup of tea really can change the whole world." ~ Tranquil Tea House

Growing up in Sri Lanka, I celebrated New Years in April, not December. According to tradition the sun crosses the astrological boundary between 'House of Pisces' and 'House of Aries', and when it reaches the halfway point, it is considered the "dawn of the new year". In the days leading up to the event, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement as preparations get underway and extended family start to stop by to help. We prepare both for celebrations on the day, and also for a complete break from all work (including making tea!) the day before. It is a time for the young to honor the old, and for the old to pass down an inheritance of sorts in the form of gifts and blessings to the young; for families to reunite and re-connect; an opportunity to reconcile past hurts or grievances and move forward together as one humbles themselves in the home of another. A time to look ahead and live out the abundance we anticipate for the year; a time of sharing, loving ones neighbor, playing games, and of course...tea!

Hundred's upon hundred's of cups of tea were made, poured and served. Food was in abundance with everyone making or sharing a plate. We shared a meal with our immediate family, our extended family, our neighbors, friends, and strangers as well. We lived out the generosity that we believed the year would bring, and started the cycle of abundance with new outfits and teapots and homely items to signify newness. Such precious memories, such life defining moments...many of which set me up perfectly for my position here at Tranquil Tea House. A traditional yearly celebration which paved the way for a vocation of tea and serving in a setting that brings community together in real relationship. I am so excited and blessed to be able to share this special part of my heritage with you all this Sri Lankan New Year -


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