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Partnerships come in many forms

When I When I first started a business in Ipswich, my understanding of the community was quite limited. This was because I had been commuting to work in Brisbane for almost 10 years and the only community I was familiar with consisted of my son's parents. I soon realized that I needed business partners, whether they supplied tea leaves, stocked my tea, promoted my tea to others, or were simply tea enthusiasts themselves. This is how I met Lainey, who had recently opened a small gift shop and café in North Ipswich. We connected quickly because she was eager to learn new ideas. Lainey became my first unofficial 'trainee,' enthusiastic about learning the art of proper tea brewing. I brought her various black tea varieties from the 'Camellia sinensis' tea plant and conducted a tea tasting session. Before long, she allowed me to launch the Tranquil Tea brand in her café, introducing it to the community..

Tea Brewing Training


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