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Partnerships come in many forms

When I first started a business in Ipswich, my knowledge of the community was pretty low. That was because I was traveling to work in Brisbane for almost 10 years and only community I knew were my son's parents. I soon realised I needed business partners whether they supply tea leaves, stock my tea, promote my tea to others or they are purely tea drinkers themselves. That is how I met Lainey who had opened a little gift shop and cafe' in North Ipswich. I was able to connect with her very fast because she was keen to learn new ideas. She was my first 'Trainee' though not officially, who was keen to learn proper tea brewing. So I took all different black tea varieties picked from the 'Camelia Synesis' tea plant to her and did a tea tasting. Very soon she allowed me to launch the Tranquil Tea brand to the community in her cafe'.

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